Greg Chen
Graduated from University of British Columbia, I have been a landscape and portrait photographer and instructor for over 15 years. Over these years, I have developed a keen ability to capture the subjects in their most natural states and to combine solid landscape and portrait photography skills to compose works with unique and striking lighting.

As a Chinese grown up in Canada, my artistic style is heavily influenced by both the Western and Asian cultures. While often using strong colours and contrasts to accentuate the subjects, I also have expressed a gentle and subtle side in my works.

I believe that a good picture always tells a story, no matter how small or large. A story could be found anywhere, anytime. Both gun smokes in epic battlefields and a glimpse of a little girl on the street corner are equally unique and intriguing .

To me, the photography is first a life-long passion before it is a job. I strongly believe that one has to absolutely love what he/she does to excel in the job.

I enjoy meeting new people, learning their stories, and being a part of creating images of life-long memories; but even more, I love helping people to learn and enjoy the art of photography, and therefore on their own they can look at this world differently, find beauties in our ordinary lives, and create the images that tell stories and last for a long time.

Besides being a photographer, I am also a passionate music fun, single-handicap golfer, seasoned snowboarder, world traveller, and international business consultant. While I find peace in these activities outside of my day-to-day job, involving in music, sports, and getting close and personal with different cultures in return inspires my creativity in photography.

陈戈,Greg Chen, 在加拿大温哥华开始他的摄影生涯。毕业于英属哥伦比亚大学,他从事摄影15年,尤以捕捉人物自然表情体态见长,同时他深厚的设计及风景照功力和敏锐的用光更赋予他作品以独特和出众的生命力。