gregchenphotography: Blog en-us (C) gregchenphotography (gregchenphotography) Tue, 25 Jan 2022 04:43:00 GMT Tue, 25 Jan 2022 04:43:00 GMT gregchenphotography: Blog 85 120 新时代电视专访/Special Program on GregChenPhotography by Fairchild TV, April 4th, 2015 新时代电视,加拿大最大的多元文化电视台,对GregChenPhotography进行了专访,并于2015年4月4日及5日连续两天播出该专访。 节目除了介绍我个人的背景,更专注传达了我对摄影艺术的理解及我们摄影教育系统的独特性及趣味性。

Fairchild TV, the largest multicultural TV media had a special program on GregChenPhotography, and the program was aired on its Mandarin channel on April 4th and 5th, 2015.  It introduced not only my background as a photographer, but also my understanding of the art of photography and my philosophy on photography teaching, with the emphasis on helping students telling stories/emotions with their cameras and discovering the joy of photography.

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2011 Guangzhou Liede Dragon Boats Gathering/2011廣州獵德扒龍舟

While China’s dragon boat festival and race is well known around the world, it’s spinoff,  “Lie De Pa Long Zhou” (literal translation: dragon boats gathering at Lie De) has been a traditional folk custom event held annually on the river of the Lie De village in Guangzhou, China, on the very day of dragon boat festival. it has a history of at least 800 years, and it has been a very important part of cultural landscape for the city of Guangzhou, even Southern China up to today.  Instead of the dragon boats from different villages racing against each others, Pa Long Zhou has been more of a “carnival on water”where boats from different nearby villages are “well-dressed” and shown off.  loud drum beat and firecrackers are integral part of the event.  it’s fun, load, and very vivid.

this set of photos were taken during the 2011 event. it was an overcast and later drizzling day, and the even light might provide less drama to the overall setting, it casted very soft shadows on objects and people.  Less dynamic range also ensured we could get more details in the shaded and highlighted areas.  However, an overcast day is not without its challenges, one being not sufficient light may require a fast lens and another one is that the flat light would result in lack of dimensions on the subjects, which could be dealt with adding off-camera flash light, or using a reflector.  I had a 70-200/f2.8 lens that day and that solved the first problem, but obviously it was practically impossible to set up off-camera flash or using a reflector in that situation.  I had to add additional contrast to the subjects, especially for people shots in the post processing.

    中國的端午節和賽龍舟已經爲世界所熟悉,但廣州“獵德扒龍舟”對于許多對廣州不熟悉的人來說還是很陌生的。 獵德扒龍舟已有至少800多年的曆史,至今還是廣州民俗文化,甚至嶺南文化中一個重要的組成部分。網友張二畝是這樣描述這個活動的:


    這組是于2011年端午節拍攝。 拍攝當天陰轉小雨。 陰天的平光也許缺少一些戲劇性,但卻讓拍攝主體上的陰影非常柔和,而陰天的低光比讓鏡頭更容易捕捉到陰影和高光處的豐富細節。  然而陰天的平光也具有一定的挑戰:1)不足的光線需要用大光圈鏡頭以保證足夠的手持快門速度;2)平光會讓拍攝主體缺乏立體感,這時需要使用人工光源,反光板,或者後期來強調陰影加強對比。  我那天使用的是70~200/f2.8的鏡頭,光圈全開差不多夠用。 而當時的擁擠,廟會一般情景讓使用離機閃光燈或反光板變的不可能。 所以我在後期中加大了原片的對比度。

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Kate@Harrison Hotspring

It was so dark and rainy that we couldn't see a soul by the lake. Kate and I decided to leave her mother behind by the fireplace in our warm and cozy hotel room and take a walk.

The clouds were thick and low, and the air was cold, and yet none of these could damp Kate's enthusiasm for running and hopping. She was rushing to the water, picking up rocks, and running back like a retriever. We spotted a dock onto the lake, and I decided it was a good venue for me to snap a couple shots of Kate in Action.

It was supposed to be a casual walk of a father and daughter, so I didn't have a speedlight with me. However, I didn't want these pictures to be typical rosy and dreamy children photos - that would be a great injustice to such a dramatic setting. I wanted to emphasize the contrast between the kid's innocence and dark, even depression surroundings, so I had to fill in the light on Kate's face, while keep the correct exposure for the sky and mountains, by popping up my D300's on-camera flash, which I hardly used in the past.

So, here you go - a set of untypical, "Hogwarts School" kind of feel, kid photographs.

外面又冷又濕,湖畔空無一人。Kate 和我決定去湖邊走走,留下她媽媽窩在酒店房間溫暖的壁爐邊的沙發上看書。

烏雲又厚又低,偶爾露出一小角的藍天。濕冷的空氣完全沒有破壞Kate又蹦又跳的興致,她像一只尋回犬一樣在我和水邊來回跑著,不時撿起石頭扔入水中。 在不遠處我們看見一個甲板長長的伸入湖中,看來這是一個拍照的好地方。

由于我們只是隨便出來走走,所以沒有帶閃光燈。 我不想給kate拍一批典型的,柔美明媚的兒童照片,而是希望突出童真和壓抑環境之間的對比。 爲了准確的曝光環境以及給主體補光,我不得已使用了我D300上自帶的閃光燈。 我幾乎從來不用這自帶的燈,除非迫不得已。

最後的作品就像我當初計劃的那樣 - 一組非典型,強烈,“霍格沃茨魔法學校”感覺的兒童照片。


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Michael&Elaine Engagement / Michael&Elaine 訂婚照

Michael is working for a Canadian multinational company in Taipei, where he met Elaine.  Earlier this year, Michael took Elaine back to Vancouver for a short vacation, where he grew up, to meet his relatives and childhood friends , and to walk on the streets where he used to hang out with his buddies after hockey games.

When I was asked to shoot an engagement set for Michaela and Elaine, I knew right away where to take them. Gas Town, Granville Island, Coal Harbour, Stanley Park, these are all uniquely Vancouver landmarks, and being a Vancouverite is a important part of who Michael is.


Michael 爲一家加拿大的國際大公司工作,常住台北。 他和Elaine在台灣相識相愛。今年早些時候,利用假期,他們一起回到了Michael長大的城市,溫哥華。這裏有Michael的親戚朋友,兒時玩伴,還有他熟悉的路燈及街角小店。

當我被請求幫助他們拍訂婚照時,我立刻就決定了應該在那兒拍攝。Gas Town, Granville Island, Coal Harbour, Stanley Park, 這些都是溫哥華的地標,而這一組作品應該有很明顯的溫哥華色彩。我希望Michael和Elaine 可以把他們對這美麗城市的思戀和記憶帶回台灣和他們的朋友分享。

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Connie & Drew Engagement / Connie & Drew 訂婚照

Connie's got a infectious laugh and beautiful eyes, and Drew is a tall, gentle, soft-spoken outdoor enthusiast. While her outgoing personality makes Connie a better model of the two, Drew has subtle yet apparent charisma that often found in a 30's Hollywood star.

The session was shot in a very tight time frame. By the time the couple arrived, it was quite dark. After we decided that we had time for only one location, the group rushed to Iona Island about 10 minutes drive away and start shooting immediately. Maybe limited by the lighting condition, or maybe inspired by Drew's subtle resemblance to Clark Gable and the wide-open field of the Island, I decided to shoot the couple with a "Gone with the Wind" kind of feel.

The result turned out to be just like what I wanted -landscape kind of composition, dark cloud, open field, faded colors, strong contrast, and very coarse.

The tone is quite unconventional for an engagement set, but I knew that was something Connie and Drew would like - wild, epic, old-school, and "silver lining in a dark cloud" kind of feel. Fortunately, I was right.

Connie和她男友Drew是一對多年的情侶。 Connie有一雙會說話的眼睛和具感染力的笑聲,而Drew是一個高大,講話溫柔,卻熱愛戶外運動的大男孩。和她男友比起來,Connie更具鏡頭感,可是Drew卻有一種很難描述的30年代好萊塢明星的氣質。

這組訂婚照是在很短的時間內拍攝的。 當他們到達時,天色已經很暗了。 我們放棄了計劃好的多個場景的拍攝,開車直奔計劃的最好一站 - 離開我工作室10分鍾車程的Iona 島。 也許是被漸暗的天空所限制,或許是被Drew類似克拉克-蓋博氣質所啓發,我決定幫他們拍攝一套類似老電影“飄”風格的照片。

最後的成品效果和我想象的一樣 - 風景片的構圖,低暗的雲層,開闊的荒野,褪去的色彩,強烈的反差,和舊片的質感。

對于一套訂婚照來講,這種風格不是特別常見,但是以我對Connie和Drew的了解,我知道他們會喜歡這種感覺 :荒蕪,宏大,懷舊,“黑暗中見光明”。。。謝天謝地,我猜對了!

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California & Oregon Coast

People often ask, how do you manage to take good landscape pictures when you travel with your family on a family vacation? Well, the short answer is, I don't expect to.

Here is what I believe about travel and photography:

if you want to get on a real photography trip, don't take your family with you; If you are on a family vacation trip, snap a couple of shots whenever and wherever you can without changing your travel plans, and don't expect any NG cover shots. Maybe you will get lucky to have one or two decent pictures, and you should be happy, because it is your FAMILY trip afterall! Believe me, if you want to do both, everybody will be miserable and your trip will be a disaster.

Here are some pictures taken on my family vacation to California and Oregon in the November of 2011.





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Sabrina&Michael Engagement / Sabrina&Michael 訂婚照

Sabrina and Michael had been together for more than 5 years,and finally decided to tie the knot. They approached me through a mutual friend for an engagement set, and of course, I said yes rightaway after meeting them - who wouldn't want to photograph a beautiful and happy couple like Sabrina and Michael?

They came to my studio 2 hours earlier than we originally planned, so we started with some indoor shots with one speed light and an umbrella before we moved to outside.  All outdoor shots were made with natural light without added lighting.  It was just a decision I made not to use additional lighting, because I believed the natural lighting would complement their personalities, especially the lady's personality well.  Sabrina was beautiful in a very natural and subtle way, nothing showy or dramatic.  I always believe that the natural light is the best light source, I only use added lighting when I absolutely have to.

 經曆來5年多的風風雨雨,Sabrina和 Michael終于決定訂婚了!當他們問我是否可以幫他們拍攝一組訂婚照時,我毫不猶豫就答應了- 任何攝影師都不會拒絕這樣一對幸福,美麗,快樂的新人。

他們比預計早了2個小時到達我的工作室,外面的光線不是特別理想,所以我們就從室內用一個speedlite和反光傘開始。所有的室外都沒有使用除了天然光以外的任何人工光源。這是我當天個人的選擇,我當然也可以選擇使用speedlite去平衡或者overpower自然光,不過我認爲自然光更加可以體現出這對新人的自然清新,特別是Sabrina的性格 -  她有一種自然,含蓄,毫不誇張做作的美。我攝影的一貫信條是,天然光是最好的光源,我只有在必須的情況下使用人工光源,而永遠不會爲了使用它們而使用它們。

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