To me, the only thing that is more satisfying than creating a stunning photograph is to see my students share the same passion for this beautiful form of art, and find more joy in not only photography but also in their lives.  The art of photography will teach you to look at this world differently, , to find the magic in the most ordinary places and things, and to see the beauty that the others just do not see...

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唯一会让我比自己创作出一幅出色作品更加满足的是,看见学生们对摄影和我一样着迷。  摄影是这样一种神奇的艺术,它会教我们以一双崭新的眼睛看这个世界,在灰暗中看见色彩,在无趣中看见故事,在平常中看见美丽。。。